Grupo Julià has closed with a record revenue of 301 million euro, rising by 19.5% compared with a year ago, in which the revenue reached 251 million euro. During 2015, the Group has incorporated new products and services and has created 279 new jobs, and nowadays is composed of a team of 1.561 employees. Group investment has reached 15 million euro.

In 2015 the international activity has strengthen its position in company’s invoicing. So, last year international sales represented a 64.2%, while the Spanish market had just the 35.8%, a trend expected to continue and to be accentuated in the future.

Tourism division, the greatest-growing

Tourism is the division that has had a greatest growth with sales of over 277 million euro, rising by 21.4% compared with a year ago. The most remarkable new in 2015 was the opening of the new Julià Travel-Gray Line Spain incoming tourism office in Madrid. More than 600m2 destined to improve customer service and promote the business in the capital and, with this, improve Madrid as a brand and destination both nationally and internationally.

City Tour, among the three main international operators

City Tour bus and train division has greatly grown in 2015 rising by 19.4% and reaching 51.7 million euro, motivated by new London City Tour service and by the good progress of the San Francisco and Washington tourist bus services. In fact, in the last few years, the company has been declared one of the three main international tourist bus operators with more than 3.7 million passengers in 2015. Nowadays, City Tour brand can be found in 18 international capitals with around 200 vehicles.

Launch of Premium minibuses line

Finally, regarding passenger transport, Autocares Julià has increased its sales by 4% compared with 2014. At the end of 2015 the division has launched the Premium minibuses line, an innovative service in reduced format luxury transport.

2016 forecast

In line with last years, in 2016, Grupo Julià is going to focus its efforts on the diversification and innovation of its products and services and on the internationalisation of its businesses and operations. This year the Group forecasts an investment of over 12 million euro.