About Julià Group


Innovation and excellence in every trip.

The Julià Group seeks to always offer the best option in all its areas of activity. Tourism, tour buses and trains, and passenger transport are the three business divisions that comprise its activity, both nationally and abroad. We offer competitive services, whether for daily or work activity, or for holiday. Our mission is to provide exceptional experiences, ensuring quality and efficiency on each journey.

A recognised brand: Julià Group at the heart of success

The group consists of an excellent staff that contribute their knowledge and enthusiasm so the company can remain one of the most recognised, both in national and international tourism and in passenger transport. Our brand is built atop the dedication and passion of each member of our team, ensuring a quality service and consolidating our position as leaders in the sector.


The tangible impact of the Group over its 90 years of history

12,000,000+ customers
4,000+ partner companies
75,000 m2 of facilities
40+ offices

Grupo Julià has grown a lot during these 90 years of history, customers, collaborating companies, facilities are the reflection and the measure of this trajectory.

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