Grupo Julia has closed 2016 with sales of €309.1m, which represent an increase of 2.7% respect to 2015, when the group reached €301m. During this period the company has created 70 new job positions and nowadays the number of employees is 1,626. The investment of the group has arrived to €19.5m, increasing by 30% in comparison to 2015.

The international business keeps representing the major part of the invoicing of the company. This way, during 2016 sales were distributed as follows: 57.4% international market and 42.6% Spanish market.

By divisions, the one that presents a greater increase is the City Tour, the tourist buses and trains, which has risen 17% respect to the previous year with an invoicing of €60m. With more than 4 million passengers in 2016, during the last few years City Tour has become one of the main tourist bus operators in the world. Nowadays, the brand City Tour can be found in 14 cities of 7 different countries with more than 200 vehicles. Recently, Grupo Julia has started the operation of Rome’s tourist bus ‘I love Rome City Tour’, which expects reaching 320,000 passengers after the first year of activity.

The division of tourism remains as the greater weight in the group, with sales of €225m, repeating the number of the previous period. During 2016, in line with its specialization in incoming tourism services, the division has included four new destinations in the portfolio of the iVenture Card, the smart card that offers activity packages designed to customize users’ experience: Madrid, Dubai, Mexico and San Francisco.

Eventually, the division of transport led by Autocares Julia has increased 4% its sales respect to the previous year reaching €23.3m. In 2016 this division sealed an agreement to operate SEAT workers’ transportation service, which represents 425 daily services and the transportation of more than 4,000 employees.