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12 Jul 2017

Grupo Julià, distinguished for its good practices on Dual FP

Last June Grupo Julià received a certificate in recognition of its collaboration and the implementation of the Dual FP (Dual Professional Training) in its different divisions from the Education Consortium of Barcelona. The Dual FP is a method of education oriented to young students who do an internship in a particular sector while they learn a profession.

The participation of Grupo Julià in Dual FP started in 2015 with the introduction of 3 students in the divisions of Julià Travel, as a TJV with Marfina SA, and Euroways, the company of corporative services of the group. Nowadays these internships are done in the companies Barcelona City Tour and Autocares Julià.

At the beginning of the training, the students decide the tasks with the responsible of the school and the tutor of the division. The first day, before starting in the garage, the students receive a training from the Occupational Health and Safety Technician of Grupo Julià and, once they have acquired the knowledge, they start the training. The students receive an economic compensation based on the IPREM and proportional to the length of the workday.

Throughout the year, Automotive students in Autocares Julià and Barcelona City Tour, for example, made maintenance services, reparation, water and oil loss inspection, tyre changing and other professional tasks.


60% of students have been hired by Grupo Julià

From the incorporation of the Dual FP, Grupo Julià has cooperated with the school Joan XXIII-Jesuïtes de Bellvitge through the Administration and Finances program and nowadays cooperates with Jesuïtes El Clot through the Automotive program. A total of 5 students coming from the Administration and Finances and the Automotive programs were trained in tourism and passenger transportation sectors. The company expects implementing this training to its IT Department through students of Computer Systems Management.

Grupo Julià has hired 60% of these students offering contract continuity and support positions during this season. The Dual FP project has represented an inversion of €30,000 of direct costs, without quantifying indirect costs such as tutors’ training and administrative management.