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03 Sep 2015

The Mexico City Turibus will expand its service with 7 new lines

Starting in October, Turibus, he tourist bus service of the Grupo Julià in Mexico City, will add 7 new routes to the 22 now in existence. These routes will visit the capital's main attractions, such as the Polanco-Mazarik shopping district, and they will offer theme routes covering markets, shopping and one devoted to showcasing pre-Hispanic traditions. What's more, until the end of the summer, a night-time route will be offered to let you discover the city centre by the lights.

So as to expand the routes offered to 29, Turibus will invest 3 million dollars (2.7 million euros) and add 10 new vehicles to its fleet.

The government of Mexico City and Turibus –which have been cooperating for over 10 years– have a strategic alliance intended to prioritise the government's tourism policies, as noted by the city's Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués.

Torruco also stated that Turibus is well known among domestic and international tourists for its high quality and good service, as well as for the seriousness, commitment and teamwork they have developed jointly with the company.

This summer the capital expects to receive about 400,000 international tourists and almost 2 million domestic tourists.

New services

The company also plans to launch the Turibus service in other Mexican destinations, like Cancun, Xalapa and Oaxaca, as explained by its managing director, Víctor Cortés Melo. In 2016 Turibus will also upgrade 33 of the vehicles it uses in Mexico City, Puebla, Veracruz and Mérida.

Turibus uses double-decker buses with an open top to offer riders a 360º view. They feature audio guides in six languages, bilingual guides on board, certified drivers and passenger insurance.