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10 Jan 2009

The Julià Group is to build its new operations headquarters in the Barcelona metropolitan area

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The Julià Group, one of the leading Spanish business groups specialising in passenger transport, tourist services, and tourist bus services, has decided to build a new operations headquarters in Barcelona, occupying an area of 10,000 m2. The Julià Group’s objective is to bring together the central corporate services, depots, workshops, and vehicle wash facilities within the same area. To this end, it has already begun discussions with various developers in the metropolitan area of Barcelona in order to locate a suitable site. The company’s current central office is in Hospitalet. From its new headquarters, the Julià Group aims to offer operational support to the other local head offices in Madrid, Malaga, and Valencia. The new headquarters shall also house the new buses that are to cover the two new Tourist Bus routes which the public organisation the Metropolitan Transport Body (EMT) opened up to tender at the end of 2008, and which were won by the temporary merger of companies made up of the Julià, Sarbús and Trapsa groups.