GRUPO JULIÀ with more than 89 years of experience. It has become a benchmark not only in Spain, but also worldwide, in the global mobility and tourism services sector.

JULIÀ GROUP has always been a responsible organization and committed to society. The ethical conduct, values and principles of GRUPO JULIÀ are key to the development of our activity, these being the essential elements that have helped us achieve the good reputation that we enjoy today.

The good reputation and success of the JULIÀ GROUP depend on all of us.

JULIÀ GROUP establishes a model of conduct and development of the activity of the companies that comprise it to reflect those principles and values in which we believe and to which we aspire.

We assume a commitment to Quality, Safety at Work and in Passenger Transport, Respect for the Environment and the general attitude of Social Responsibility manifested in all our actions.

All members of GRUPO JULIÀ, regardless of our activity and those third parties that interact on behalf of GRUPO JULIÀ or other third parties when so established between the parties, are participants in our ethical will.

Our values

Trust and experience: The trust of our clients is one of the most important elements of GRUPO JULIÀ. Through the experience of more than 80 years we have become a benchmark in the sector.

Safety: The safety of our customers is our greatest concern, which is why our fleet regularly subjected is to maintenance plans and exhaustive reviews that guarantee the safety of both our customers and our drivers.

Integrity and Flexibility: Our team carries out its activity always adopting a conduct of integrity and respect towards others. In addition, we have a team with a great capacity to adapt to different situations.

Transparency: Transparency in communications between the members of GRUPO JULIÀ is an essential element to create the good working environment that exists within the Group and that we all have a duty to maintain.

Quality: We are demanding in the provision of our services in order to offer the highest quality to our clients.

Our members

Our members are our greatest strength. For this reason, at GRUPO JULIÀ we promote a good, stimulating and motivating work environment that allows the professional and personal development of our members.

Our selection processes take into consideration individual and collective abilities and their accredited professional experience.

At GRUPO JULIÀ we care about training, offering continuous training programs appropriate to the activity, with the aim of helping in the workplace and with the purpose of acquiring the necessary knowledge to improve the organization.

For the evaluation and promotion, we consider professional performance into consideration and we base ourselves on objective and impartial criteria.

At GRUPO JULIÀ we consider respect to be an essential element in all relationships between people, both professional and personal.

For this reason, we always respect the rights of expression, opinion and association of workers and we reject any conduct that constitutes harassment or discrimination for any reason (sex, race, religion, political orientation, etc.). We must have an exemplary treatment, to maintain a pleasant working environment free of conflicts.

We are responsible for protecting the confidential information of GRUPO JULIÀ and ensuring that this information is not used for purposes unrelated to the exercise of the activity of GRUPO JULIÀ. In no case may we use confidential information for personal or third-party gain, even after the employment relationship has terminated.

In case of doubt regarding the possibility of transmitting confidential information or not, we first go to our immediate superior.


At GRUPO JULIÀ we protect business assets such as means of transport or vehicles and electronic media, and we encourage the efficient and legitimate business use of all of them, for which we provide different guides and corporate policies that inform about the guidelines to follow in the protection of those business assets.

Good reputation is also one of the most valuable assets of GRUPO JULIÀ, which is why we must protect it and avoid actions that could harm it.



We do not give or accept gifts or gifts in the development of our professional activity. Exceptionally, the delivery and acceptance of gifts and gifts allowed in these cases;

- If these were of irrelevant economic value.

- If they responded to usual commercial attentions.

- Are not prohibited by law or generally accepted business practices.

At GRUPO JULIÀ we do not accept hospitality that could influence our decision-making.


At GRUPO JULIÀ we contract with suppliers based on an objective and impartial evaluation, without incurring in conflicts of interest or favourable treatment, following the following criteria, among others: quality, level of service, competitiveness, low risk and financial solvency situation.

Relations with Public Administrations

All relations with the Public Administration carried out will be with the maximum correctness and transparency.

JULIÀ GROUP does not offer, concede, request or accept unjustified advantages or benefits that may imply an advantage for itself, for JULIÀ GROUP or for a third party.

In particular, we absolutely reject any conduct related to influence peddling, nor can we give or receive any type of bribe, commission or premium from any other party involved, such as officials or personnel from the public sector or from other companies or political parties, clients, suppliers or shareholders.


At GRUPO JULIÀ we avoid taking part in situations that may give rise to conflicts of interest. We understand that there is a situation of conflict of interest when there is a direct or indirect conflict between the personal interests of the members of GRUPO JULIÀ and the interests of the companies that form part of the Group.

Although being in a situation of conflict of interest does not imply itself committing an act of corruption, the members of GRUPO JULIÀ communicate such circumstances through the Company's Ethics Channel.


All those to whom the Code of Ethics applies must be aware of and comply with the legislation, regulations and professional codes that apply to us in the field of our professional activity, and the Ethics Committee will be in charge of ensuring this and Compliance of JULIÀ GROUP.

The Ethics and Compliance Committee of GRUPO JULIÀ is the body responsible for supervising the implementation of the Crime Prevention Model (MPD) of GRUPO JULIÀ, ensuring that its content is adequate and promoting its compliance.

Among others, the members of GRUPO JULIÀ have the following duties of regulatory compliance:

- We comply with the tax, financial and labour regulations applicable in each case.

- The accounting records are accurate, faithful, and complete and allow auditing of all GRUPO JULIÀ operations. Keep the accounting records of GRUPO JULIÀ in accordance with internal rules and applicable regulations. All payments and commitments of GRUPO JULIÀ adopted are and executed with the prior authorization granted by the competent level of approval and all accounting records prepared are by duly authorized personnel.

- We do not enter into business relationships with people or entities that do not comply with the regulations regarding the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, or the protection of personal data.

- We do not perform any act that may lead to a crime of corruption or bribery, in accordance with the applicable legislation in each case.

- We comply with competition rules and principles, carrying out our activity fairly and without violating applicable competition laws.

- We carry out the processing of personal data guaranteeing their privacy and in accordance with the applicable legislation.

- As well as other responsibilities that may derive from compliance with the applicable legislation and the MPD of GRUPO JULIÀ.

Likewise, at GRUPO JULIÀ we have the commitment of our members to familiarize themselves with and comply with the rules, policies, protocols and/or procedures, as well as the contractual obligations agreed with third parties.


Our health and safety

One of the priorities of GRUPO JULIÀ is the health and safety of our members in their jobs. For this reason, we favor the creation of a good work environment, as well as the establishment of the safest working measures and conditions for our members, complying with all the requirements set forth in the regulations applicable to the sector.

In order to ensure the health and safety of our members and that of our clients, it is forbidden to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Likewise, if any member is involved in or becomes aware of an accident or a dangerous situation, we will notify the management or immediate superior.


At GRUPO JULIÀ we are committed to protecting the environment. In this sense, we carry out studies and advance evaluations of processes to reduce the environmental impact of our activity. We also aim to minimize polluting emissions and waste production.

At GRUPO JULIÀ we promote the rational use of natural resources and the awareness of favouring the environment.


Ethics Channel is the means that GRUPO JULIÀ makes available to its members to notify the Ethics and Compliance Committee of any relevant fact or infraction of which it is aware, as well as to consult any doubt or query in relation to the Code of Ethics, the Compliance Policy or any other internal policy or regulation of GRUPO JULIÀ.

Totally confidential medium and it is guaranteed that the person who has reported a violation will not suffer any retaliation, as long as it is used in good faith.

Likewise, GRUPO JULIÀ guarantees that the Ethical Channel process will comply in all its phases with all the obligations established by the personal data protection regulations, keeping the identity of the communicator confidential at all stages of the process and, specifically, it disclosed will not be to third parties, nor to the person affected by the communication, among others.

The Ethics and Compliance Committee will manage communications.

Queries regarding data protection addressed can be to the following address: and managed will be in turn by the Person Responsible for the Processing of personal data of GRUPO JULIÀ.


Download the Code of Ethics document at the following link: